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Western Plastics

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  • In 1991 Western Plastics opens a new facility in Temecula, California.

    Western Plastics began U.S. operations in Calhoun, Georgia in 1984. Expanded with a facility in Mississauga, Canada in 1999.

    Western Plastics primary markets.

    Industrial Packaging

    • Hand and Machine Stretch Films (Clear, Color, Opaque)
    • Converted Hand Wrap
    • Stretch Banding Films
    • Vented Pallet Wraps and Stretch Netting
    • Printed Stretch Film
    • Offers Distributors Own Private Label

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    Foodservice Packaging
    • Cutterbox Foodservice Film
    • Aluminum Foil Rolls and Sheets
    • Foil Containers
    • Meat and Produce Film
    • Perforated Cling and Shrink Film
    • Offers Distributors Your Own Private Label

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