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  • Wuhan More Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (also known as More Biotech) was founded in 2008, with the mission of providing highest quality products and services for the development of biotechnology and bio-pharmaceutical research. Basing on its core technology on gene engineering peptide research, development and application, More Biotech deeply cooperated with Wuhan University which is one of the best universities and top in Gene Engineering in China to broaden its knowledge in this field.

    In the past years, besides the technical foundation we had prior to the company building up, we have been focusing on developing our core technology platform which is consisted of six major components, Bio-active material gene discovery and identification,Bio-active peptide manual control identification, Bio-active material gene engineering, Bio-active material screening and design, Chemical Synthesis platform,Bio-active material drug-efficiency identification. With those core platforms, More Biotech is capable of design, small-scale production and medium-scale production of peptides with complicated structure, such as peptides with multiple up to 5 pairs of disulfide bridges, for the purpose of peptide research and novel drug leads screening etc.

    We are widely open for different means of cooperation basing on our core technology platforms. In our current product and service menu, More Biotech provides high quality of standard peptides, especially ion channel blockers. We also provide total solution of customized peptide services by recombinant and chemical synthesis means.

    We believe our efforts and specialties could make contributions to your research.

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