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  • For over 20 years our focus has been on providing unique surfaces on glass and plastic to collect and isolate molecules to simplify assays. The technology we use is designed to chemically react the surface layer of the substrate without affecting the physical or optical properties of the material. We then react one half of a binding pair to the surface. Immobilizing a molecule simpl requires attaching the other half to the binding pair. Since the bulk properties of the material are unaffected by the chemical processes we use, a reacted surface looks the same as an uncoated surface. Our surfaces utilize a wide variety of binding pairs to faciliate the isolation and quantitation of proteins, peptides and oligonucleotides.

    Our standard plastic products are 96 well microwell plates in solid or strip format and in clear, opaque white and opaque black versions for ELISA assays for proteins and plate based simple hybridization assays.

    Our glass products include standard 25 x 75 mm microscope slides and 22 x 40 mm # 1 1/2 cover slips.

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