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  • XiTRON Technologies, founded in 1990, is the premier source of precision power testing and measurement equipment for industrial manufacturing and medical electronics. Using the latest digital signal processing and circuitry, XiTRON’s sophisticated technology gives companies the edge in design verification and product manufacturability. XiTRON is ISO-9001, EN46001 registered, and FDA (GMP 820) compliant.

    As part of our ongoing advancement efforts, we regularly introduce important new products, and instruments designed to lead the way in testing and quality control. Our leadership begins long before design, by listening to our customers carefully. The solutions we have pioneered to meet their specific needs are routinely incorporated into our products. This ‘field responsive’ process allows us to provide a greater degree of precision than ever before, which is an important benefit as more companies manufacture products to tighter testing tolerances.

    XiTRON Technologies’ sophisticated advanced testing and evaluation equipment and systems set the standard. From the lab to the manufacturing line, we have the right solutions for your most demanding applications. XiTRON real-time accuracy and versatility belongs on your manufacturing line.

    XiTRON instruments deliver faster, more accurate, more reliable testing right to the production line with the best pricing and value in the business!

    • Multi-processor based for fast measurements
    • User configurable testing and reporting modes
    • Lower cost equals faster payback
    • We keep you up and running by standing behind every product we sell.

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