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Xygen Diagnostics Inc.

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  • Xygen Diagnostics Inc. imports and distributes critical food, feed and environmental diagnostic test kit products and equipment. These items are manufactured by leading international manufacturers and are distributed to a wide cross-section of industries and involve an array of test technologies.

    From highly sophisticated, but easy to use, stick tests to precise ELISA analysis, Xygen Diagnostics Inc. distributes some of the most reliable and respected diagnostics tools available world wide to quality-conscious companies within Canada.

    In the late 1980’s a sister company of Xygen’s noted significant quality problems in grain based products it was producing. To segregate problem inputs at receiving this company began importing, for its own use, some of the first rudimentary qualitative ELISA kits developed to detect mycotoxins in grain and grain products. These naturally occurring toxins were a material threat to both human food and animal feed safety. Since then ELISA’s have continued to improve in detection levels and accuracy and Xygen Diagnostics has grown to be a major distributor responding to the demonstrated need of other processors and manufacturers for these and additional quality and safety testing products


    • Food Processors; Including Dairy, Meats, Poultry And Seafood, Confectionery And Ingredient Suppliers.
    • Fruit Juice Processors And Vintners.
    • Grain Industry; Including Millers, Maltsters, Animal Feed Manufacturers, Pet Food Manufacturers, Seed Breeders And Organic Producers.
    • Industrial Processes; Including Ethanol, Paper And Land Remediation.
    • Biotechnology Research Organizations.
    • Universities.
    • Regulatory Agencies.
    • Breweries.


    • Sugars, Acids Or Their Salts, Alcohols And Other Substances.
    • Antibiotics, Hormones and Anabolics.
    • Mycotoxins.
    • Genetically Modified Organisms.
    • Pesticides and Contaminants.
    • Vitamins.
    • Food Allergens.
    • Species ID.


    • Complete Training And Test Equipment Available.
    • Technical Support On Testing Questions Or Sample Preparation Assistance.
    • Overnight Shipment On Most Products.

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