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  • Background
    Yorkshire Bioscience Limited is a private independent company based at the Biocentre of York Science Park. The Company aims to be a primary manufacturer and supplier of reagents and consumables, as well as offering comprehensive research services for customers in the bioscience community of the UK and worldwide. Our employees are highly skilled scientists with more than 5 years experience of work in academia and industry.

    Our products are dedicated to laboratories dealing with nucleic acids, proteins and nucleotides, and are really the “fuel” for the majority of their work: DNA manipulation - cloning, sequencing, mutagenesis; gene expression; genetic, infectious or somatic disorder diagnostics; protein detection; cell culture works, and many others. We also do research on the design of novel DNA polymerases, molecular weight markers, modified nucleotides, antibodies and recombinant proteins.

    We offer absolutely new approaches for providing research services to customers. Modern bioscience is highly sophisticated and demands skilled scientists, expensive equipment and reagents. There is also a cost for time from about £5/h for students to £10-20/h for experienced staff. The quicker a project runs – the less it costs, and science becomes more efficient – meaning less pressure on tax-payers or charity donators. Usually, modern projects start with simple steps like DNA cloning, gene synthesis, mutagenesis, reaction optimization, heterologous gene overexpression and raising polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies against target proteins. This job is usually time-consuming and routine in most of laboratories, involves collaborating laboratories or occasional services and contract research. Moreover, the result is not always clear-cut, and starting from scratch can become standard practice. Sometimes a whole project can be backed up or delayed because of a failure at the start. Our offer is simple: the customer gives us those early stages to undertake as a single research service, and we deliver it with a guarantee of quality and complete confidentiality. All rights for material or intellectual properties will belong to the customer, who will be charged after completion of project when they have seen the results and are satisfied with the report and quality. That job will be done by us – quickly and professionally. The customer just provides the idea – we deliver it to reality.

    What does make Yorkshire Bioscience unique in such a competitive market as Life Science? A key strength is that we have great support from organizations involved in biotechnology development in York. Our team is highly motivated to achieve success. We have a world-wide network of collaborators, contract researchers and consultants. They are skilled scientists working in academic and industry institutions. Because of that we are able to provide a comprehensive service in almost all kinds of laboratory work. For any demand of our customers we can find specialists who can provide the corresponding service or consultation. Yorkshire Bioscience is like the top of iceberg or a window to market giving access to hundreds of researchers. Their new ideas are quickly converted into products to benefit the scientific community.

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