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  • ZappaTec is the most cost-effective supplier of super absorbent polymers (SAP) for medical and industrial uses. ZappaTec provides SAP for various environmental projects throughout domestic and international markets.

    By partnering with Degussa/Evonik, the leading manufacturer of super absorbent polymers in the world, ZappaTec provides the optimum liquid solidification agent for the lowest cost.

    Degussa and ZappaTec personnel have a long relationship that spans almost two decades. By working together, we have created the top liquid waste solidification products on the market today. With Degussa's extensive development capabilities and ZappaTec's marketing and distribution, we are capable of bringing you cost-effective products on the cutting edge of technology.

    We invite you to visit our warehouse and lab facilities to see firsthand the extensive inventories we maintain. This ensures your liquid waste solidification project has the right material at the right time to complete your time-critical clean-up. Whether your project is for an industrial waste solidification facility, a medical waste solidification project, or a complex waste stream as part of a large scale remediation project, ZappaTec can provide a timely and cost-effective solution – we have the experience and the track record to prove it.

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