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Cedarlane Contests

  • Check Your Cedarlane Product Shipment Boxes

    You talked and we listened! For all of 2020, we'll be including a unique Canadian Code in each and every product shipment! Once you’ve received your shipment, simply remove the Canadian Code from the inside flap, and enter your code through the link below. Each code entry puts your name in to win 1 of 6 prizes! The more codes you enter, the more chances you have to win! Click here for more information on our great prize bundles!!

    Monthly Online Order Feedback Draw

    After submitting your online orders, look out for the brief survey on your ordering experience and how Cedarlane can better fulfill your needs when ordering life science kits and reagents. We appreciate all of the feedback our customers provide us in our effort to continuously improve the ordering experience. Simply fill out the survey and include your email address to be entered into a MONTHLY draw for $100 off your next Cedarlane order!

    Draw for Month of: Winner Name and Institution:
    January 2018 Angela B., Northern College
    February 2018 Maggie L., Memorial University of Newfoundland
    March 2018 Jacqueline V., Memorial University of Newfoundland
    April 2018 Sarah M., McMaster University
    May 2018 Beth B., Canadian Blood Services
    June 2018 Jean Francois D., Formation Biologics
    July 2018 Michael S., University of British Columbia
    August 2018 Anthony C., University of Guelph
    September 2018 Noreen R., University of Saskatchewan
    October 2018 Christine L., St. Lawrence College
    November 2018 Anne K., University of Toronto
    December 2018 Chantal D., University of Montreal
    January 2019 Chantale A., Environment Canada
    February 2019 Jeff L., Carleton University
    March 2019 Helen S., B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development
    April 2019 Hien C., Toronto Western Hospital
    May 2019 Stephen S., McGill University
    June 2019 David H., University of Toronto
    July 2019 Alynn S., University of British Columbia
    August 2019 Genevieve W., Avanda Biolabs
    September 2019 Tim R., Jord Microbial
    October 2019 Mary Ann T., Dalhousie University
    November 2019 Karen G., University of Saskatchewan
    December 2019 Jocelyn B., Lallemand Health Solutions
    January 2020 Stephanie P., University of Victoria
    February 2020 Vivian F., University of Ottawa Heart Institute
    May 2020 Xiujun S., University Health Network
    June 2020 Kevin L., University of British Columbia
    July 2020 Nicole B., McMaster University