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FREE Sample Kits from Zymo for DNA and RNA isolation and purification

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Free Sample Kits from Zymo – The Epigenetics Company!

Kits are being offered in sample sizes so that you – the researcher – can see for your own eyes just how well they perform. The kits listed are available for free when you add them to your next Cedarlane order. Please click on the ‘View Products’ button above to see current Zymo sample kits being offered.

Zymo Research offers a wide range of products, relative to research for:

  • Epigenetics
  • DNA Purification
  • RNA Isolation
  • E. Coli
  • Yeast
  • Protein Research

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Kit Kit Size Catalog #
EZ DNA Methlyation-Direct Kit 10 Rxns D5020S
EZ DNA Methlyation-Lightning Kit 10 Rxns D5030S
DNA Clean-Up
Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Kit 10 Preps D4001S
DNA Clean & Concentrator-5 10 Preps D4003S
Genomic DNA Clean & Concentrator-10 5 Preps D4010S
OneStep PCR Inhibitor Removal Kit 5 Preps D6030S
DNA Purification
Zyppy Plasmid Miniprep Kit 10 Preps D4036S
ZymoPURE Plasmid Miniprep Kit 10 Preps D4208S
ZymoPURE Maxiprep Kit 2 Preps D4202S
Quick-DNA Universal Kit 10 Preps D4068S
Microbiomic/Metagenomic DNA Purification
ZymoBIOMICS DNA Mini Kit 5 Preps D4300S
RNA Clean & Concentrator-5 5 Preps R1015S
DNA/RNA Shield 8 ml R1100-8-S
Quick-RNA MiniPrep Kit 10 Preps R1054S
Direct-zol RNA MiniPrep Plus 10 Preps R2070S

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Note: This offer is not valid in conjunction with contract discounts or any other special pricing. Void where prohibited.