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  • Expression Pathology is a private biotech company advancing personalized medicine with assays that measure tumor signaling networks – at the functional protein level — in routine formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) patient tissue to individualize and improve cancer treatment decisions. The company develops its own proprietary tests for disease progression and drug response.

    Expression Pathology also offers its unique Liquid Tissue®-SRM assays in collaborations with cancer drug companies in preclinical development, clinical trials and as a new paradigm for improved companion diagnostics. The company’s rapidly expanding menu of assays includes many of the key protein pathways for which targeted therapies are being developed, including EGFR, IGF-1R, HER3, and cSRC. We are developing a CLIA-certified facility to offer proprietary Liquid Tissue®-SRM diagnostic tests in clinical trials of drugs in development. The test may help improve patient selection for new and existing targeted drugs. The company’s long term plans include configuring its patented technology platform into a reagent instrument system that promises a new quantitative, multiplexed paradigm for molecular pathology labs worldwide.

    Expression Pathology's Liquid Tissue®-SRM assays make possible multiplexed protein quantification by powerful mass spectrometry of minute amounts of laser micro-dissected FFPE tissue. Formalin fixation is the standard method by which patient tissue biopsies and surgical samples are preserved worldwide. Expression Pathology is exploiting its ability to accurately measure cancer pathway proteins and their activation, or phosphorylation states, and to do so in standard patient tissue and core needle biopsies, to develop more informative assays that can be widely adopted in medical practice.

    The key components of the company’s technology are DIRECTOR® laser microdissection that speeds up and automates precise collection of target cells for analysis from standard tissue sections and Liquid Tissue® sample preparation that makes possible complete solubilization of the protein content of this tissue. Liquid Tissue® works with very small amounts of tissue, and generates samples that are quality controllable, suitable for multiple analyses and stable over prolonged storage. The company is combining these technologies with state-of-the-art expertise in Selective Reaction Monitoring (SRM) mass spectrometry to develop proprietary assays to pioneer clinical applications of protein analysis in tissue.

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