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Larodan Fine Chemicals Ab Products

  • Larodan is a research chemicals manufacturer based at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. The company has been providing research grade lipids to the international market since 1963, with over 6,000 citations to date in scientific literature. In 2018, a US office was opened in Michigan to establish a permanent presence in North America. Larodan’s comprehensive range of lipids are commonly used as analytical standards and reagents. Product categories include:

    • Fatty Acids and their Methyl and Ethyl esters
    • Mono, Di, and Triglycerides
    • Phospholipids
    • Oxylipins
    • Wax Esters
    • MCPD’s
    • Sterols
    • Labeled compounds (stable-isotope, fluorescent, etc.)

    In addition to this extensive catalog, Larodan also has the ability to offer additional compounds via custom synthesis

  • We manufacture and market lipids and supply research chemicals and products from leading international companies for use in bioscientific, pharmaceutical, analytical, NMR and other applications. Examples of such products are Stable Isotope Compounds, Radiochemicals, NMR consumables, EIA Kits and related biochemicals and Environmental standards.
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