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  • Polysciences Inc. was founded in 1961 to provide sample preparation products for electron microscopy as nano-scale samples were starting to reveal new knowledge. Embedding products were added for histology (the study of tissue) applications soon after, enabling tissue embedment in plastic blocks, in addition to paraffin. Dyes and stains were developed to implement better visualization of the samples. In cooperation with federal agencies, monodisperse polymeric microspheres were developed for diagnostic kit applications.

    Capabilities for natural product isolation and purification led to the preparation of purified material from crude biomass for the initial clinical trial of Taxol for the National Cancer Institute. Isolation and purification interests have led to superparamagnetic microspheres used for DNA, protein, and peptide discovery tools.

    Our high-purity monomer and polymer products find many applications in medical devices and are used in a great variety of applications to enhance critical characteristics. Our recent expansion into the Electronics Polymer and Chemicals market expands our position as a manufacturer and supplier of high-purity monomers and polymers. Our particle manufacturing technology has led us to complete our line of precision microparticles useful for measurement in nanotechnology applications.

    All of this experience has led us to have greater than 3,000 products, and a company culture that thrives on making new chemical materials for emerging applications. Product quality at Polysciences, Inc. is complemented by strong technical and customer support to answer questions quickly and accurately. We strive to provide the advanced technology, manufacturing competence and technical support to help our customers meet their goals.

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