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    Primary Products:

    • StemBeads Activin-A
    • StemBeads Blank15
    • StemBeads EGF
    • StemBeads FGF2
    • StemBeads Activin-A
    • StemBeads® Activin-A is the newest member of the StemBead® family. StemBeads® Activin-A offers a more efficient, cost effective way to grow Activin-A dependent cell cultures. Activin-A can be use to maintain pluripotent stem cells as well differentiate them to different lineages such as endoderm. Unlike soluble Activin-A that degrades after 12 hours in culture media, StemBeads® Activin-A releases a constant rate of Activin-A into the culture media over 5 days creating a more stable environment allowing for:
    • Fewer media changes (as little as one media change in 5 days)
    • Significant savings compared to soluble Activin-A
    • Significant savings on labor and media
    • Easy to use: just add to your media of choice
    • StemBeads EGF
    • StemBeads® EGF is the newest member of the StemBeads® family and offers you the same reliability and flexibility as our other StemBead products. EGF is a growth factor that stimulates proliferation of many cell types including stem cells. Just like most growth factors, however, at temperatures used to grow cells EGF can become unstable leading to cell signaling deficits and non-optimal cellular performance. Our StemBeads® EGF releases a constant level of EGF allowing for a consistent delivery of EGF to your cell cultures for optimal performance.
    • StemBeads FGF2
    • StemBeads® FGF2 is a revolutionary growth factor supplement that offers a more efficient way to grow FGF2 dependent stem cell cultures. Already verified in some of the top stem cell labs in the USA, this supplement delivers a steady release of growth factor into your media of choice creating a more stable environment allowing for:
    • Reduction of Media Changes by 67%
    • Better Quality Cultures by Reduction of Spontaneous Differentiation
    • Use of Your Favorite Media, No Change of Culture Conditions.

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