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No, this just indicates that the application has not been tested in-house, or referenced to our knowledge.
Each lot of antibody has specific concentration information listed on the product data sheet. We recommend titrating the antibody to find the optimal dilution for your assay. Generally, you should not need to use more than 1 µg per million cells for flow cytometry.
Yes, these are suitable for both IHC and WB. While we have recommended dilution ranges for these applications, these are not tested in-house. Our secondary antibodies are tested in either flow cytometry or ELISA.
We do. All of our ascites products are azide-free. We also offer purified antibodies without azide that are typically sold in a 1 mg size. The catalogue numbers for these azide-free products end in "NA" (i.e. CL8990NA). The azide-free purified antibodies are not listed in our catalogue, therefore please inquire for availability.
Yes. We offer custom polyclonal antibody production services. Please fill out the custom order request form on our website, or e-mail your inquiry to research@cedarlanelabs.com. We would be happy to send you a quotation.
Yes. We can conjugate antibodies to HRP, biotin, FITC and PE. Please contact us at research@cedarlanelabs.com for more information or to request a price quote.
An ELISA protocol and recipes to make any required buffers are supplied, in addition to the capture and detection antibodies.
Our ECM antibodies on page 7 are suitable for use in WB. While we do not test every lot in this application, they have all been successfully tested in the past. They will detect both the natured and denatured forms of the protein. These purified antibodies are supplied lyophilized in a 0.5 ml size. They contain a minimum protein content in excess of 1 mg per ml before lyophilization (i.e. 0.75-1 mg per 0.5 ml). Some ECM antibodies are also available in a 0.1 ml size (please inquire).

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