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  • A pioneer among foreign companies in Japan, SCETI was established in Tokyo in 1952, as part of DF Group. In its early years, SCETI represented mainly French heavy industry serving as agent for major companies such as Renault, Aerospatiale, Pechiney, Thomson CSF, and CEA. In the sixties, SCETI became involved in the field of nuclear medicine, gradually strengthening its activities in nuclear equipment, isotopes, reagents and medical diagnostics. Over the past 15 years, SCETI has diversified its activities into ingredients for industrial applications in the field of food, functional food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

    Today, SCETI provides market entries into Japan for foreign companies offering innovative solutions in the field of nuclear medicine, medical diagnostic, imaging and industrial manufacturing.

    SCETI combines all supply chain elements from sourcing, logistics, quality assurance, sales & marketing, brand-building, and regulatory affairs. Our core competence is market intelligence. Our main objective is market expansion.

    • We develop solid working ties connecting our suppliers and customers in a spirit of transparence and mutual interest.
    • We create value to our business partners building long-term business through selective supply, focused market development, expert brand-building and networking.
    • We deliver results to customers providing them with the latest technologies within our respective segments, combining technical skills and foreign practice understanding in a spirit of total commitment.

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