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  • ALEXIS Corporation was founded during 1993/1994 in Switzerland and the USA by a team of experts in the field of life science research reagents. Over the following years the company built a fast growing and comprehensive product line to serve the life science research market. Starting as an in-licensing, OEM and trading business, ALEXIS Corporation developed and acquired its own in-house manufacturing capabilities. By leveraging its own production with a series of proprietary product licensing arrangements with universities, research institutes, as well as biotech and biopharmaceutical companies, the brand ALEXIS® Biochemicals developed a strong reputation among researchers for providing the most innovative products within its chosen market segments.

    In April 2005 ALEXIS® Biochemicals was enhanced by the merger with the Swiss company Apotech Corporation, a life science reagents company, discovering, developing and producing new products in the field of immunology, apoptosis, and inflammation.

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