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  • Ark Pharm, Inc. specializes in design and synthesis of medicinal building blocks, scaffolds and other advanced intermediates. Ark Pharm is a Chicago based CRO company providing drug discovery & development services to worldwide clients, as well as contract research, custom synthesis and bulk intermediates.

    Ark Pharm features a diverse portfolio of high-quality products, including:

    • Alcohols
    • Aldehydes & Ketones
    • Amines
    • Boronic Acids & Esters
    • Carboxylic Acids & Esters
    • Halides
    • Heterocyclic Compounds
    • Hydrazines
    • Nitriles
    • Others

    Ark Pharm also offers services including the synthesis and development of medicinal novel building blocks, novel templates, reference standard compounds, impurities, by-products and other organic intermediates.

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