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  • Boston Biochem is the World’s leading producer of Ubiquitin-Related research products. After almost 15 years of providing ubiquitin proteasome pathway (UPP) researchers with innovative and high quality tools, Boston Biochem was acquired by Bio-Techne’s R&D Systems to deliver the same degree of excellence in all areas of operation. Cedarlane is dedicated to distributing Boston Biochem’s diverse product line with the utmost care, efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Boston Biochem is devoted to providing UPP researchers with a variety of tools that assist and accelerate drug discovery efforts. Boston Biochem concentrates its efforts in numerous related product lines for ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like (UBL) proteins and associated enzymes, substrates, inhibitors and kits. All Boston Biochem tools are developed, produced and characterized in-house with a consistent adherence to affordability and superiority. Boston Biochem is prided upon extensive expertise in protein purification, characterization, modification and assay development, while maintaining a close working relationship with the UPP research community.

    Collaborating with R&D Systems has provided Boston Biochem with a valuable opportunity to focus on new product development, while relying on the established distribution and logistical apparatuses of R&D. This partnership has further ensured strict quality control and an unparalleled level of product consistency and performance. Overall, Boston Biochem has scientific expertise that allows for rapid expansion into new areas of ubiquitin-related discovery and research, and will continue to provide excellent, high-quality products and services.

    Product Lines Available:

    • E1 Activating Enzymes
    • E2 Conjugating Enzymes
    • E3 Conjugating Enzymes
    • Deconjugating Enzymes
    • Proteasome Enzymes
    • Ubiquitinreagents
    • Sumo reagents
    • Nedd8 Reagents
    • ISG15 Reagents
    • UFM1 Reagents
    • Autophagy (Apg) Reagents
    • FAT10 Reagents
    • Fractions
    • Kits
    • Inhibitors and Substrates
    • Antibodies
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