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  • Brenntag Biosector has been a leading producer of immunological and vaccine adjuvants since 1939.

    Adjuvants are a highly heterogenous collection of compounds that share only one fuctional characteristic : that of being able to enhance immune responses.

    Chemically, adjuvants range from hydrated inorganic mineral compounds over oil emulsions, quarternary ammonium compounds, liposomes, acylated plant glycosides, oligonucleotide motifs and others.

    Not so long ago adjuvants were characterized by a world-leading immunologist as the ”immunologist’s dirty little secret” (quote: Charles A. Janeway, 1989).

    In the last decades, however, the secrets have, at least to some extent been unveiled. Insight into how the immune respose can be biased towards a Th-1 or Th-2 profile by a selective choice of adjuvants and later the discovery of the Toll-like receptors as mediators of adjuvant-induced immunostimulation are important milestones on this path.

    It is the aim of Brenntag Biosector to offer high quality adjuvants, not just for today’s vaccines, but also for the vaccines of tomorrow as well as for research in experimental immunology to help vaccinologists facilitating rational vaccine design.

    It is our vision to develop Brenntag Biosector as a company that takes it basis in adjuvant technology to assist our customers in identifying the best adjuvant solution for their application.
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