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Cohesion Technologies Inc.

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  • Cohesion Technologies, Inc. (Cohesion) discovers, develops and commercializes innovative resorbable biodevices, adhesive technologies, and delivery systems in the fields of tissue repair and regeneration. Cohesion's first product, CoStasis® surgical hemostat (CoStasis), is a sprayable liquid hemostat for use as an adjunct to hemostasis in all surgical procedures, with the exception of neuro, ophthalmic and urological surgeries. Cohesion launched CoStasis in Europe in 1999 and Cohesion¹s marketing partner, U.S. Surgical, launched CoStasis in the U.S. in July 2000. Cohesion has also developed CoSeal™ surgical sealant (CoSeal), a synthetic surgical sealant designed for sealing vascular anastomases. Cohesion launched CoSeal to the European marketplace in September 2000. In the U.S., a CoSeal pivotal clinical study is underway. The Company expects to file a PMA application with the F.D.A. in early 2001.

    Cohesion Technologies Inc. was established in January 1998 by Collagen Corporation, and was spun-off from Collagen Corporation in August 1998. Cohesion Technologies is an independent, publicly traded company on the Nasdaq, under the ticket symbol CSON. Cohesion Technologies' executive offices are located at 2500 Faber Place, Palo Alto, CA 94303.

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