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  • EastCoast Bio is an industry-leading provider of quality products such as antibodies, antigens, and immunoassay reagents including fish plasma and other novel proteins. Our products are used in immunodiagnostic research and manufacturing, with a focus on the detection of drugs of abuse, therapeutic drugs, infectious disease, and hormone compounds.

    Led by a highly-qualified staff that understands the industry inside and out, EastCoast Bio only offers products that meet the toughest standards for quality. Our customers include major manufacturers that build popular, commercially-available kits with our components – because they know they can rely on our unwavering quality year after year.

    Formed in 1995, EastCoast Bio not only offers its own products, but is also the major distributor for products from Biostride and Virusys. Biostride products include antibodies, antigen conjugates, enzyme conjugate, and matched pair antigens and antibodies. Virusys products include viral antibodies, viral antigens, and other products and services.

    EastCoast Bio is the industry’s only supplier of fish plasma-based blocking reagents, an increasingly popular substitute for bovine-derived proteins that does not cross react with mammalian-based antibodies.

    For researchers and manufacturers who need an alternative to in-house production, EastCoast Bio also offers custom polyclonal antibody services, which include production, purification, characterization, conjugation, and assay development.

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