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  • ECM Biosciences is a company that develops novel biotechnologies for life science research. Our company works in collaboration with research institutions worldwide to develop innovative tools for the advancement of research and therapies related to neuropathology, cancer, immune dysfunction and cardiovascular disease. 

    Our scientific collaborations focus on the molecular components that generate cell motility – the changes in cell shape that facilitate cell movement and determine cell structure. Cell motility has important roles in tumor cell migration, immune cell invasion, as well as neuronal and vascular repair. Various proteins found in the extracellular matrix (ECM) surrounding cells signal to proteins found in the cytoskeleton inside cells to control cell motility.

    ECM Biosciences utilizes innovative peptide- and antibody-based approaches to develop novel tools for monitoring and manipulating protein function in various aspects of cell motility, such as cell adhesion, cell migration, and cell signaling.

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