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Fine Science Tools Inc.

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Fine Science Tools Inc. Products

  • Fine Science Tools Available through Cedarlane

    Primary Product Categories

    • Scissors
    • Bone Instruments
    • Scalpels and Blades
    • Forceps and Hemostats
    • Probes and Hooks
    • Spatulae, Spoons and Curettes
    • Pins and Holders
    • Retractors
    • and much more!
  • Since pioneering the sale of fine surgical instruments by mail order, Fine Science Tools has established itself as a market leader, through a commitment to quality products and unparalleled customer service. 

    FST's on-line catalog enables us to maintain this position by making our wide range of micro-surgical instruments available to the research community around the world. 

    Being on the Web allows FST to continue fulfilling its original mandate of providing quality European microsurgical instruments at a reasonable price. You will find the full range of FST products from fine forceps, rongeurs and spring scissors as well as innovative, original designs, created to meet research scientists' special needs. 

    While growth and innovation have been continuous at FST since being founded 30 years ago, other commitments remain unchanged. FST remains dedicated to serving the scientific community worldwide, and guaranteeing a full refund if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase. 

    Our ability to fulfill those standards is enhanced through this site, which complements FST's three offices and dealer network worldwide. I welcome customers around the world to FST's line of fine surgical instruments.
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