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Gallus Immunotech Inc.

Gallus Immunotech Inc.

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  • Dr. Kelsye Coulter, a trained immunologist and co-founder of Gallus Immunotech, learned about immunizing chickens from a colleague when she had to generate a polyclonal antibody for her research. The colleague explained that the chicken antibody (IgY) could easily be retrieved from the egg yolk in large quantities, making it unnecessary to bleed the animal. An animal lover at heart, Kelsye was immediately intrigued with the possibilities of harvesting polyclonal antibodies from eggs.

    Kelsye soon discovered that this was not the only remarkable feature of using chicken IgY antibodies – there are many advantages.. The idea for Gallus Immunotech was born and a few years later, in 1994, began as a business. We were one of the first North American companies to specialize in chicken antibodies, at a time when most researchers in the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries had never heard of IgY.
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