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  • IDEX Health & Science designs, develops, and manufactures liquid subassemblies and precision components for a wide range of applications requiring precise control and measurement. We specialize in component integration that results in innovative and optimized OEM fluidic systems. 

    We’re here to simplify the complex process of fluidic product development. Our instrument design specialists and materials experts collaborate closely with your engineers to:
    • Develop complete solutions for your liquid-handling applications
    • Design highly specialized components for your instrumentation requirements
    • Handle your high-precision machining, molding, and extrusion needs
    • Engineer solutions using high-performance thermoplastics, ultrahard ceramics, metals, and other specialty materials
    • Create innovative products
    • Reduce costs by combining multiple fluidic operations in one assembly
    • Improve time-to-market
    IDEX Health & Science is part of the IDEX Corporation, and is committed to long-term partnerships and uncompromising quality. With our global family of brands, we can offer a broad range of fluidic technology resources to meet your product development needs.
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