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  • There are limitations to two dimensional (2D) cell-based assays, notably that monolayer does not accurately reflect in vivo conditions. Factors that are not considered in 2D assays include cell-cell interactions and the modulation of target cell response by neighboring cells. In order to overcome these limitations, three dimensional (3D) models have been developed.

    Thanks to technological advances in 3D modeling, they are increasingly being used as cell-based assays for molecular target identification, primary screening, secondary screening, and toxicological work.

    Elplasia has been created as a 3D cell culture tool, specially designed for easy use and cell visibility. It is suitable for high-throughput screening due to simple handling and a SBS 96-, 384-well plate format. The plate has a number of micro-spaces on the surface which allow cells to self assemble. Some cancer cell lines form hundreds of spheroids in one well with uniformed size. Click below to learn more about Elplasia.

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