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  • Olaf Pharmaceuticals is determined to develop high quality extracellular matrix products for various purposes including cell attachment, cell growth, cell differentiation, cell migration, tissue engineering and tissue morphogenesis. Extracellular matrices are most prevalent in connective tissue and internal organs such as the dermis, tendons, and bones. Olaf Pharmaceuticals is currently offering a range of Type I collagen products derived from various sources. It is our goal to become one of the leading suppliers of high quality collagen and extracellular matrix products for your research needs.

    The industry is challenged to develop tissue-engineered products for a number of surgery-related applications, such as vasculature. For example, a recent report describes the generation of a tissue-engineered blood vessel without any synthetic or exogenous materials. The vessels were produced by wrapping a sheet of human vascular smooth muscle cells around a tubular support, followed by wrapping a sheet of human fibroblasts around the first sheet. After cell maturation, the tubular support was removed and endothelial cells were seeded in the lumen of the putative blood vessel. The vessel showed all the necessary key markers of activity, and also had a burst strength comparable to human vessels. In short-term grafts in a dog model, this engineered vessel demonstrated good handling and saturability characteristics. 
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