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Princeton Separation Products

  • Princeton Separations, Inc. (PSI) is a privately-owned, manufacturing-based biotechnology company specializing in molecular separations. PSI manufactures various successful products including:

    Whether you need Centri·Sep™, Centri·Sep 8™, and Centri·Sep 96™ for dye terminator removal from DNA sequencing reactions; Centri·Spin™ products for cleanup of molecular labeling reactions from nucleic acids, proteins or carbohydrates; PCR·96™ for probe and nucleotide cleanup of PCR reactions; BAC and Big BAC preparation in gene mapping, molecular cytometry and cell imaging; Modified Sequencing Grade Endopeptidases for protein sequencing and 5 BMT activator for chemical DNA/RNA synthesis; Fluoro·Spin™ labeling and purification kits for generation and purification of fluorescent probes for proteomics and drug discovery; or Pro·Spin product line for antibody purification, we have the answer for you when it comes to molecular separations!

    PSI is a registered manufacturer with the FDA and the DEA. It maintains GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) production in a growing facility in Freehold, New Jersey, where it performs sterile manufacturing for pharmaceutical/diagnostic companies.

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