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  • ReproCELL’s core technologies

    ReproCELL has played a pivotal role in commercializing the leading stem cell technologies developed by Japanese academia and industry. We have put a number of unprecedented original technologies into the market by collaborating closely with our partners.
    Reprogramming technology developed by Kyoto University
    ReproCELL is the first company licensed to generate iPS cells by reprogramming from iPS Academia Japan, which was established to advance healthcare through the transfer of the iPS technologies generated by Kyoto University. This made it possible for us to directly and quickly apply this innovative technology to applications in human health, by using it in combination with other world class technologies we have.
    Human ES/iPS cell culture technology co-developed with Kyoto University
    ReproCELL has commercialized culture medium for human ES/iPS cells as early as 2005. This medium was originally developed by company co-founderProfessor Nakatsuji at Kyoto University. This medium, named `Primate ES Cell Medium` because human iPS cells had not yet been invented, has supported the entire ES/iPS cell research field for more than 6 years. One of the most famous studies made possible by this product was generation of the first human iPS cells by Professor Yamanaka at Kyoto University in 2007窶杯he team used Primate ES Cell Medium to establish the very first iPS cell line. ReproCELL has been continuously developing human ES/iPS cell culture technologies and has launched a number of culture reagents to help advance the field.
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