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  • At TRL our Mission is to assist in the discovery and development of meaningful therapeutic agents that benefit the human condition. We are committed to providing the highest quality products that constantly exceed customer expectations. We build lasting relationships, understanding each customer’s specific needs and work mutually towards the common goal of improving the quality of life. We’re proud to say that our hepatocytes are better than any others available. They are consistently more uniform, cleaner, and exhibit more pronounced cell-cell contact than the other hepatocytes on the market.

    Our hepatocytes have:

    • Clear, distinct nuclei
    • Clear cytoplasm: indicates no swollen organelles, no intracellular debris
    • Confluent monolayer: indicates tight cell-to-cell junctions, formation of bile canaliculi
    • Normal cell shape

    Bad hepatocytes have:

    • Indistinct nuclei
    • Swollen organelles and intracellular debris
    • Huge gaps in the monolayer, limited cell-to-cell interaction
    • Elongated, fibroblast-like cells

    Triangle Research Laboratories provides high quality, high viability cryopreserved hepatocytes that accurately represent in vivo conditions. Primary hepatocytes can be used for the in vitro evaluation of metabolism, drug-drug interaction, drug transporter activity, and toxicity of drug candidates. TRL provides both human and animal cryopreserved hepatocytes. Each lot is isolated and characterized by our experienced laboratory staff and comes complete with a Cryo Characterization Report (CCR).

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