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  • ”With humans as center and the universe as teacher” is at the core of Zen-u's philosophy, that means to care about human life and well-being using natural methods. Providing people with health and happiness is our objective, and it can only be achieved by applying technologies from nature, in other words, healthcare and happiness from nature. For instance, our nutraceuticals originate from common foods and are developed into effective products that protect human beings from diseases without side effects to bring about "health and happiness". Similarly, the algae fluo-protein developed by our Ocean Biotechnology Institute is concentrated from laver, which is common food. It is rich in algae nutrients and can be processed into various dazzling food that bring people "health and happiness" in a natural way. The products developed, produced and sold by the Zen-u Biotechnology all aim at that objective. In other words, Zen-u Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that promotes health and happiness for all by providing safe, natural and high-quality products and services at fair prices to our customers. This, in turns, generates reasonable profits to sustain our objective while giving opportunities to our staff to achieve their personal goals in a healthy and happy working environment.

    To achieve the above-mentioned mission, we have the following responsibilities:

    1. Pursue research and development to become the leader in the sector of products derived from nature;
    2. Innovate incessantly to provide more products from nature at more preferential price to promote human health and happiness;
    3. Provide strict production and quality control for the safety and happiness of our users
    4. Make sure all our staff treat customers with respect and that every contact with Zen-u is a healthy and happy experience;
    5. Promote Zen-u products to make more people healthier and happier;
    6. Generate profit to be able to carry out the above mentioned endeavors
    7. Return profits to the staff to improve their work surroundings and welfare; to make the staff and their families lead a healthy and happy life;
    8. Establish a happy work environment where creativity flourishes and performance is well-rewarded;
    9. Generate profits for shareholders to make them lead a healthy and happy life.

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